UX / Interaction Designer


Geoexplorer is game prototype that emphasises novel game mechanics when discovering and exploring 3D environments within a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) context, using real-life user location and GPS data. When a player connects to the GeoExplorer system, their GPS location in the real world is calculated in correlation to another player in-game. This distance between players, determines the game-world size. So in order to explore the dynamic game world, it is in the interest of the players to connect with other players in geographical locations as far away as possible. This creates interesting game dynamics and player motivation challenging how we look at multiplayer games today. The prototype promotion video above, shows how the exterior game world dynamically changes due to player connections (friends) in real-world locations.The prototype video below, shows the an interior game representation, showing how the inside of an building lights up when a friend-player connects to the game system.

Focus: Game Design, Mobile Devices, GPS, MMORPG
Tech: Unity3D, Android, 3D Studio Max