UX / Interaction Designer

Drawn To Life

Drawn To Life was my final bachelor degree thesis project in interaction design at Malmö University. It explores user interaction and dynamic narrative presentation in comics / manga on tablets and smartphones. It also emphasises alternative distribution techniques and digital rights management (DRM). The final thesis can be found at MUEP or in this link. Drawn To Life is an investigation into giving creators tools for added depth perception, interactivity and alternative visual narratives in comic, manga or graphic novels. It employs techniques based on sensor data input from a user / reader, like accelerometer-, gyroscope- or eye-tracking sensors. The project was developed to adapt the needs of several stakeholders: Nosebleed Studios, Serietecknarskolan among others, who participated in evaluating the technology.

Focus: Service Design, Digital Distribution, Digital Rights Management (DRM)  
Tech: Smartphones, Tablets, Android, HTML5, Processing, Sensors, Eye-tracking