Curriculum Vitae

Latest work position:

Arduino – EDU UX Lead & Media Production Supervisor
October 2013 – March 2018, Malmö, Sweden

At Arduino I worked with David Cuartielles and his team doing UX, interaction design, installation design, media production, documentation and manuals / guides creation for the Arduino platform. It allowed me to work with exciting projects all around the world, like in Spain, Italy and Indonesia.

EDU UX LEAD & MEDIA PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR (february 2017 – March 2018)

* Arduino CTC (Creative Technologies in The Classroom) education UX
* Arduino MOOC UX
* Arduino CTC media production, documentation, pre/post-production
* Arduino PR media production, documentation, pre/post-production
* Arduino MOOC media production, documentation, pre/post-production


* ESLOV / FORTE toolkit modular system Kickstarter PR
* Arduino CTC education UX
* Arduino CTC media + content production, documentation, pre/post-production, teacher tutorials
* Arduino PR media production, documentation, pre/post-production
* Arduino MOOC media production, documentation, pre/post-production

UX / INTERACTION DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION (october 2013 – february 2016)

* Arduino CTC education media + content production + PR + teacher tutorials + pre/post-production
* Arduino MOOC media + content production + pre/post-production
* Intel + Arduino projects documentation & PR
* PELARS (Practice-based Experiential Learning Analytics Research) EU research project UX
* ESLOV / FORTE toolkit modular system UX/UI
* Telefonica STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) MOOC media + content production
* Maker Faire PR & Documenation
* NIKE Marathon Jakarta 2013 Light Installation PR & Documentation
* Arduino Hackathon Jakarta PR & Documentation

Past work experience:

Duffyfilm – Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer, Post-production Lead
January 2003 – December 2012, Malmö, Sweden

Working freelance for approximately 10 years through my company Duffyfilm. Clients: Ranelid Reklambyrå, Ninjatune, Radar Music Videos, Björn Ranelid, Tales, Happy New Dog, Goodnight Sun

Colony Film & Television AB – Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer, Post-Production Lead
July 2001 – October 2003, Malmö, Sweden

Co-founded and co-owned production company in Malmö, Sweden. Clients: Citytunneln, Skånetrafiken, Malmö Högskola, Skåne Dansteater, Arbmans Reklambyrå, Sandberg & Trygg, Wintersongs

Andersson & Grip AB – Media Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Web Developer
January 1999 – December 2001, Stockholm, Sweden

I was employed by this media company for close to 3 years. Multiple duties included web development, content creation, database updates, customer support and video compression (VR). Clients: Cell Network, Energo, Konferensvärlden, Moderna Tider, Quality Hotel Globe, Telge Energi


Malmö University, Sweden
Bachelor of Science (BS), Interaction Design
2010 – 2013

Tama Art University, Japan
Bachelor Exchange Studies, Service Design, Experience Design, Information Design
2012 – 2013

Malmö University, Sweden
Courses, Project Management, Intercultural Communication, Interaction Design
2009 – 2010

Griffith University, Australia
Courses, Media Production Projects, Interactive Media and Contemporary Theatre Directing
1998 – 1999

University of Skövde, Sweden
Communication and Media Studies
1995 – 1998


Swedish (Native or bilingual proficiency)
English (Native or bilingual proficiency)
Danish (Limited working proficiency)