UX / Interaction Designer

Arduino: Education MOOC

The Arduino Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is offered as a part of the official Arduino Education services. It is the communication and delivery infrastructure used for education content to reach educators, teachers, students and Arduino partners. The online platform features:

  • Real-time online user support system and live streaming classes (including video calls)
  • Training and support guides+videos for educators
  • Account sign-up/invite system for users/educators/teachers/students 
  • Administrative control and messaging system for educators/teachers to regulate classes
  • Full live tracking of user progress in courses
  • Includes tests, quizzes and unlocking criteria for advanced learning

I worked with UX for the Arduino MOOC system as a part of the Arduino Education development cycle and as an extended branch of Creative Technologies In The Classroom (CTC). During my UX work, my responsibilities included the education web platform, design, features, testing and evaluation.

Sketch/Invision wireframe examples can be seen by clicking here.

Information about the Arduino MOOC courses and education features can be found by clicking here.

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