It Hertz

It Hertz is a critical design project were we wanted to investigate awareness of noise pollution and hearing damage, by testing bypassers’ hearing threshold and accumlating statistics. Bypassers are exposed to a sound sinewave that starts at a low frequency and slowly continues upwards through the frequency range until reaching 30000hz. At any time the bypasser can silence the sound, when either the sound becomes too much or they cannot hear it anymore. ItHertz then stores the accumulated data and shows an intermediate value by making the device gradually shift glow between red / green / yellow (or any value inbetween like orange), equaling bad > normal > good hearing threshold. The device slowly shifts through these colors as the represented statistics data is altered in real-time as more bypassers try the process. The installation was a part of a public exhibition at Malmö University 2012.
Pictures courtesy of David Cuartielles (link)

Focus: Critical Design, Physical Prototyping, Sound Pollution
Tech: Arduino