Arduino: EU PELARS Project

Practice-based Experiential Learning Analytics Research and Support (PELARS) is a a project about learning and making. It is a study about how people learn about science, technology and mathematics when they use their hands as well as their heads. Arduino participated in this EU-project that aims at helping teachers and learners understand what is happening when people do Science Technology Engineering and MATH (STEM). In collaboration with high schools, undergraduate engineering and masters courses in interaction design, the involved PELARS-partners evaluate common patterns across all these different environments. The results or work helps support teachers and learners, classrooms and STEM education overall. Arduino technology and applications that were developed partly for this PELARS EU-project, was later used in Arduino’s ESLOV – the IoT toolkit.

I was attached to this project as UX developer of Arduinos part in the PELARS project (toolkit + framework + IDE + UI). I contributed to development of the UI, user research, mapped detailed user scenarios and use cases, wireframes, documentation, flowcharts and prototypes.

For information about PELARS EU project, go here:

Early design sketches:pelarshq3

Early wireframe test:PELARS_UI_test_4-01_fix

PELARS modular units:pelarshq2